Safety Commitment


MEEC is dedicated to safety for both personnel and work environment, MEEC'S safety commitment is maintained through number of measures being adopted by the company safety education/orientation , counseling and proper motivation are the guiding policy in the enforcement and implementation of the company's safety and loss preventive program in order noun of its procedures' practices or method of work will expose any employee to unnecessary hazards in keeping with this policy, all members of management and supervision of what ever grade, are always reminded that safety must take equal importance with cost and construction and that they have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all employees under their control as laid down in safety manuals, Jordanian law and other applicable safety standards.


  1. Our representative will cooperate with the engineer/ client in the following allocation of mobilization areas of site.
  2. Use of site and facilities during the work.
  3. Intra project communication, reports and records, schedules and recommendation, resolution of ambiguities and conflicts submittals, for payment interpretation of contract document and instruction, requests for substitution and charge orders, review and inspection reports .
  4. Shop drawings, and data and samples.
  5. Locate and protect control horizontal and vertical survey points organize and record periodical site meeting .
  6. Submittals of samples and testing of materials prior usage on site construction photographs.